Benylin 24hr Cold & Flu Tablets

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Cold and flu symptoms can be hard to shake. Benylin has a 24 hour treatment that could help.

Cold and flu symptoms can be hard to shake, affecting energy during the day and sleep at night.

Try Benylin Day & Night Tablets.

Benylin Day Tablets relieve fever, aches and pains, whilst decongesting the nose. While Benylin Night Tablets work to ease cold symptoms and aid a better night sleep so you can wake feeling rested.

Fever, aches & pains

Decongests the nose

Ease cold symptoms

-Aides better sleep

-Wake feeling rested

For the only day and night tablets that provide 24 hour cold and flu relief*, ask your pharmacist for Benylin Day & Night Tablets.

*In combined packaging.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Ask your pharmacist for advice.